Why Red Teaming ?

Is your existing strategy resistant enough to fierce pressure? Do you need new inspiration? Do you need to gain new insights for strategy development? Are you planning a product launch, entering new markets? Would forming a coalition with partners be the way to win your business battle? Our Red Teaming approach can help your organisation with finding the answers. We are currently operating in times of increased challenges for organizations. There no longer are any "easy markets" and the consequences of not acting or taking the wrong actions are enormous.

The Challenge

"Stress testing" your existing strategy or gaining inspiration and insights for a new strategy. That is the goal of our Red Team-Business Gaming How to succeed by thinking like the enemy. Attack your own organization and use the insights gained for developing your own winning plans. With our Red Teaming Serieus Game we can help you.

Red Reaming approach

Programm Red Teaming session

Visualising the enemy

We learn and understand through seeing. In this rapidly changing environment, imagery has immense power to help visualise and interpret this deeply unsettling time and future unknowns.

So we start this session with visualising our enemy. The team members have to use there phantasy. This is the best way to start “thinking like the enemy”. The teams discuss the details of the enemy. How does it look like? And Why? What makes our enemy so strong?

The team members present there visualisation to the other teams.

Red Teaming

How to succeed by thinking like the enemy

The teams crawl into the skin of their organization’s most important (or most surprising) competitor.

They then attack their own organization from the perspective of this chosen “enemy”. No one knows the vulnerabilities of their company better, than the own staff members. So they use this knowledge to the max.

They then design their attack plans and present them to the other teams.

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